The inevitable presence of water in hydrocarbons and oil products requires tank-dewatering. The water is located beneath the products, and currently, tank-dewatering is done manually by opening the discharge valve. The manual method involves human error and loss of product. The tank-dewatering device developed by Karafan Pardaz company can automatically measure the percentage of water and hydrocarbon inside the discharge tube and warn the operator if the percentage of the hydrocarbon rises above a threshold.

One of the main advantages of this tank-dewatering device is that it does not have any physical contact with the hydrocarbon, and the sensors are mounted on the surface of the tubes. This feature increases the life of sensors, prevents corrosion, and does not block the tube’s current. Also, during the installation of the system in the tank water drainage path, there is no interruption in the tank’s normal operation. The Dewatering Tank system can detect the percent of passing water and hydrocarbon accurately and start sending alarm if the percentage of water reaches zero or below a certain threshold. In the initial product, alarms are indicated by explosion-proof LED indicators on the system.

Samples made for Tabriz Oil Refining Company


* High accuracy in detecting the percentage of water and hydrocarbons passing through the discharge path (±%5)

* No physical contact of sensors with oil product, no corrosion and long life of the device

* RS232, RS422, mA20-4, and VDC5-0 connection

* Ability to automatically open and close the solenoid valve

* Can be used Standalone or with PC

* No blockage inside the tube

* Ability to send all types of alarms required by the user


* Significant financial savings due to the prevention of hydrocarbon wastage

* Long service life due to non-contact sensors

* Reducing environmental problems caused by hydrocarbon depletion in the environment

* Quick and easy installation, commissioning, and deployment

* Easy and low-cost maintenance

The video below shows how this system works