In the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, storage tanks are used to store crude oil and petroleum products. In most cases, a significant amount of water enters the tanks along with hydrocarbon materials and settles at the bottom of the tank due to its high density compared to hydrocarbon materials. Before transporting petroleum products to the next destination, the water collected at the bottom of the tanks must be drained and removed.
In most cases, the water draining operation is done manually by the operator. Draining water manually is a repetitive and time-consuming process, and the interface of water and oil materials is not easy to detect. This reason causes error and waste of a significant amount of valuable oil materials and in addition causes environmental pollution.

This device has completely solved this problem by automatically or semi-automatically draining the water of the tanks and causes the complete draining of the water without wasting the valuable materials inside the tank. One of the features of this device is the use of non -contact ECT sensors in its structure. And there is no physical contact between the sensors and the hydrocarbon passing through the pipe, and there is no obstacle in the discharge path. This prevents the sensors from corroding and increases their lifespan. This device has technical approval and Atex safety certificate.



Features and Benefits

Significant reduction in the wastage of crude oil and petroleum products when draining Tank’s water 

 ✓ Reducing environmental, microbial and bacterial pollution 

✓ Reducing the cost of wastewater Purification resulted from Tank’s Draining 

✓ Increasing the storage capacity of tanks 

✓ Reducing the amount of corrosion of equipment inside of tanks

 ✓ Long service life of the device due to non-contact sensors

 ✓ Easy installation without needing to empty the tank 

✓ Perform safe (HSE) and accurate extraction 

✓ Can be used standalone or through the control room 


This product can be used for draining water and
sludge from the bottom of tanks and Roof Draining in
the following industries:
✓ Oil and gas refineries
✓ Petrochemical industries
✓ Storage Tanks of Distribution network
✓ Export platforms and ships
✓ Fuel tanks of power plants
✓ Oil Extraction industry

The video below shows how this system works.