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The inevitable presence of water in hydrocarbons and oil products requires tank-dewatering. Tank dewatering System Advanced hardware platform, suitable for implementing software radio (ALL IN One, SDR Board) SDRP-K761 Board


Kara Fan Pardaz Mana Company started its business in 2010 to innovate, indigenize, and commercialize novel global technologies and sciences for daily industrial needs. This company is located at Pardis Technology Park, Tehran, Iran. This company’s achievements made it one of the first knowledge-based companies in the country by the Vice President of Science and Technology. The company is now trying to localize advanced technologies by attracting Iranian researchers and elites at the master’s and doctoral levels and with the cooperation of professors from the country’s top universities. This company’s main capabilities include the implementation of instrumentation devices, signal processors, and communication technologies.


Designing and implementing industrial tomography devices based on ECT

Designing and manufacturing tank dewatering system for refineries

Designing and manufacturing interface detectors based on process tomography

Single-phase and multi-phase flowmeters

Measuring liquid levels in oil product vessels

Designing distance measuring devices with micrometer precision

Implementing a device to define the relative permittivity of materials

Designing and manufacturing various telecommunication systems

Designing and manufacturing various electronic boards and processors

Designing and implementing radio-software (SDR)

Designing and implementing various agile processors


Electronic and instrumentation

Measuring the height of fluids in vessels Measuring the relative permittivity of materials Designing a device to measure the magnitude of water vapor in gases

Electronic and telecommunication

Designing and Manufacturing various types of transmitters and receivers Fixed and mobile transmitters/receivers Single-user and multi-user transmitters/receivers Designing and Manufacturing DVB-S, DVB-S2, and DVB-T cards Designing and Manufacturing infrastructure for radio-software to exchange audio, data, and video Programming at FPGA (Verilog, VHDL) and DSP environments

Implemented devices

Product color detector and controller device Capacitor-based tomography device Product mix determination system